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Get your Custom Domain today! A custom domain will give your business a professional feel. For you, it is a special plot of the internet to cultivate, a piece of yourself to share with the whole world.

WordPress powers a whopping 30% of the internet! By using WordPress for your website a whole world is opened up for you. It is a versatile platform that allows you to completely customize your client's experience. Developing with WordPress allows us to create intricate design elements very quickly.

Have you noticed the green lock icon to the left of our URL? This means that the page is secure from hackers and your personal information is kept safe. Not only that, but HTTPS webpages rank better on Google! Why HTTPS is important.We usually obtain our SSL Certificates through DigiCert, a trusted internet security company.

When working with WordPress, users generally pick a theme, or framework, to create upon. At WDG, we like to use and promote Elegant Theme's Divi Builder. This is a powerful, premium theme that allows us to create a wide array of website styles. When we sit down with a client and talk about design goals, we find that Divi Builder allows us to meet those goals with maximum efficiency most of the time. We also offer a robust variety of other themes should Divi Builder be insufficient.

Old School webpages always have bars on the left or right. We like to use the full resolution of our visitor's screen to provide a quality presentation. We keep variable resolutions in mind and design pages to be adaptable to the users resolution.

Mobile page requests take up an astounding 52% of the internet these days and that number is only increasing. Having your website be mobile friendly is vastly important to staying relevant in the evolving market. We always design with mobile in mind. We want pages to work with all screen resolutions, so that whether visitors load your page with a tablet or a flip phone, they have a positive experience regardless.

Of course, there are times when both WordPress plugins and Premium themes fall short of our client's vision. In that case, we have no qualms with creating custom code to accomplish design goals. In addition, basic HTML webpages load very quickly, which boosts Google Ad Quality Score, an important factor in Ad Rank and therefore SEO.

CSS is an incredibly powerful tool for Website Development. When users want drop-down menus, specially styled links, effects on picture hover, we find that the best way to create these elements is with Custom CSS. We usually implement these features within a WordPress theme and find that giving styles to Themes (as well as basic HTML Pages) gives visitors a unique and enjoyable experience.

We want visitors to know that what they do matters. Elements of the page should respond when a visitor hovers or clicks. This lets the visitor know that they have truly interacted with the page. We can feel this response in many places, on buttons, images, and this accordion style page.

Add some pizazz to your pages with animations that catch the attention of visitors. Drab static pages present information in boring ways that are becoming less relevant. Dynamic elements create visual appeal and allow you to tell a story, to guide users through an experience that creates a lasting memory.

Parallax is a neat feature that incorporates a static background image on a specific section of your webpage. This feature is great for headers/titling, as well as giving personality to a unique section of the page.

When hosting with WordPress, embedding media is absurdly easy. We have access to media players for many platforms and can give users direct access to musical and visual experiences. Artists love to have their music and music videos easily accessible to visiting fans.

Keep clients interested with a constant stream of news! People love to keep current about your business and if you can provide them with consistent content updates it greatly improves Search Rankings. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more, are 21rst century social outreach and allow you to present to as many people as possible.

Search Engine Optimization is creating your website in a way that works well with search engines like Google. It is also a blanket term used to refer to marketing outreach in the digital world, like Google AdWords. When we write the code to your page or create content for you, we always keep SEO in mind. Simply, this is using keywords with maximum efficiency to let the search engines know what your page is about and that they are serving their clients by linking to your webpage. We can also create a healthy backlink profile: a network of people who benefit from your services and who deserve to know who you are. Check out our SEO Page for more information about SEO and how we can help your business grow.

Content is the most important part of the website. We are talking, text content, graphic content, videos, music, social media, worker bios, anything on your webpages. When we create your website, we have a few options. We can give you a series of interviews, a common list of questions that incoming clients would expect you to answer. We can post content that you have already created, give your own voice a place to resonate. Or, lastly, we can create it all for you. We have had some clients just give us a business card and tell us, take if from there. On some websites, the clients like to be there every step of the way, and we gladly work together and guide them to perfect their vision. It's all up to you.

We use the very top quality programs to design custom graphics for our clients. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and AutoDesk AutoCAD, allow us to create in astounding ways. If you need custom Site Icons, User Profile Icons, visual representations of your services, picture based links, a unique background, we've got you covered. Let our incredible graphic designers know how they can best serve you and your vision.

Sometimes a picture just doesn't cut it. When your idea is best described through animation, we can help. We have the ability to animate graphics for your website or your ads, to provide the very best user experience. If you want a custom loading gif, we can do that too.

Talk with us about your business and how you'd like to present yourself to clients. We'll mock up a few designs of your logo and send them to you for review. From there we'll refine the design to match your desired outcome.

A Branding Package allows you to market yourself across the web and on the ground. Whatever media platforms you wish to publish yourself on, we'll create content to customize those platforms. Bandcamp custom banners, Facebook cover photos, Ads, Posters, Letterheads, put your business out there with a singular image for all to behold.

Although Online Marketing is a great way to boost sales, meeting potential clients and shaking hands still plays a major role in business development. We'll outfit you with a great business card so people don't throw it away as soon as they remember they have it in their pocket. We want people to generally be able to appreciate it visually so they hold on to it, so that as soon as they realize they need your service, they know exactly where to go to get that information.

Great teachers have figured out mathematical, harmonious beauty quantified into shapes and proportions that stand the test of time. When people see sacred geometry, it resonates somewhere deep within them, they recognize it immediately. We love to include the Golden Ratio in as many places as possible (think: the Parthenon) and to incorporate sacred numerology when we can. Implementing this creates a subtle undercurrent of sacred tradition, carried through history and great lineages, and your work can be a part of it. More about Sacred Geometry

We offer hourly tech support for any and all of your support needs. Some users prefer us to webmaster and push updates for their websites, some users prefer us to simply design the site then hand it over. Which ever you prefer, we're here to help.

Check out our Design Process Page for more information on how we implement these services!

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