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SEO: What is Search Enigne Optimization? Southern Oregon SEO Services

SEO and Marketing

What is SEO?

SEO is search engine optimization. That means that search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc, know that they do a good job when they link their users to you. We'll use a variety of tools combined with our extensive knowledge about how Google works to connect you with clients and help your business grow.

How to Create SEO

From the Titles and Content, down to the code, we make sure your website is ready to go. SEMRush, a leading SEO monitoring tool company, released the results of their Ranking Survey, in which their ranking algorithm searched the top 100 results for 600,000 keywords, worldwide. They that concluded sites on the first page of Google's results had: low bounce rate, ample content length, and viewers that stay on their site longer than on their competitors' sites. Also, that viewers went to multiple pages on the site during their stay. Furthermore, the SEMRush survey showed that Google loves when people go directly to a site without searching and Direct Page Visits are the #1 factor for determining SERP Position. However, there's more to the SEO story. Google has said that there are over 200 factors guiding their algorithm. Backlinko has complied the most comprehensive list: Google Ranking Factors. At WebDev Geometrics, we succeed in producing a quality product with all SEO factors considered.

Just The Beginning

In addition to providing you the very best when we create your page, we also have monthly marketing strategies available to purchase. These plans insure position on Search Engine Results Pages. We'll keep track of which keywords are trending and make sure that your site stays relevant, down to its very code. Our Basic Plan provides the researched keywords and trending code. We use a wide variety of tools to find out what people are searching for and put your website in thier path. In addition, we use SpyFu to track competitor's websites and where and why they rank. We find a healthy balance of competing for top keywords and finding terms that customers are searching for upon which your competitors have not yet capitalized.

Premium Plans with Backlink Profiles

Backlinks are an incredibly important factor in SEO. A backlink is when an outside webpage links to you. Creating a healthy profile of backlinks means bringing people together. There are so many people out there who can benefit from your creative work. We find relevant partner sites and share content. This is forums, similar blog posts, YouTube videos, social media, contacting site owners to publish content about your site and business, in general, partnering you up with people who would love to meet you.

Content Creation

If one video or infographic about your business goes viral, business will skyrocket. At WDG, we create clever ways to share you with the world. We make content enjoyable to view through infographics and animations. We secure guest blog posts and write SEO freindly content with a proper keyword density. We take this new content and deliver it to as many people as possible, always linking back to your business.

AdWords Campaign

Breaking through the competition in Google's AdWords Auctions is fairly formulaic and our knowledge of their service allows us to optimize and capitalize. We monitor your AdWords account daily, keeping close track of how we can improve clicks, click-through-rate, conversions, by changing keywords, title language, Bid prices, ad types and locations, hours of the day ads are displayed, boosting ad Quality Score, special promotions and call to actions. We can also create visual ads, images that present your business attractively and hook customers.


Brands are given elite placement from Google and having social media sites dedicated to your business is one of the ways they determine a brand. With our branding service, we take your style and give it a home among the native resolutions of the social media platforms you desire.

Monthly Service Pricing Options

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