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Great architects, oneironaughts, students of the Tao, bards, lightworkers, logicians, creators of all pantheons, surveyors of timespace, polite expressions of vast calendar work, chords in divine song, here and now we celebrate the grand design! How can we relay the beauty glanced upon apex moments, the glint in our eyes spark hysteria, a deliverance to give birth to alchemy, the end of pain for at last, it was worth everything, and together we made it, nothing left out, so yes it is beautiful, behold our works and fear no more, there is no purpose to suffering and love sings through the mind, the hearts of all, eternal spring, the bronze bell rings in green fire? If there are any who do not yet know, let our joyous works sweep them free!

Why Sacred Geometry?


We are creators. We create positive reinforcement, building blocks of intuition, favorable conditions to accept tradition, our own healing, our own comfort. What is the fuel, the fodder, the substance of this progression? What are we consuming? We sense our environment. And the aspects of our environment that we are able to sense are our posture.

There are many different maps of timespace, of body, of posture. There is the Kundalini, the Kabbalah, the 108,000 Nodes of Chi, and many more: Sacred Geometries. They lead us to meeting places of people, of energy, of healing, of dharma, of need to act, of desire to create, points of leverage, points of intuition, proof of concepts as allowed motion. They form a language generation matrix, allow us to speak with totality: our memory, our goal, our current project, the parts of our selves we are trying to balance, trying to prove, trying to conceive, trying to share.

I’ve been trying my best to only sleep on my back. Oh man, the amount of time I waste trying to balance my head and neck when I sleep on my side! Our bodies are always practicing, always learning, always balancing. As they move, they create language, cognition. Yoga. When we are listening to others, or even simply navigating the environment, we are also healing. We put what we consume, our input, our stimuli, into terms that relate to what we know already, what we have, our insight, our posture, our imbalances. If you always eating food, you might only be able to put things in terms of digestion! If your shoulder is injured, as you navigate your environment, you will look for ways to heal your shoulder. You can see this with children fidgeting, rapidly cognizing, stretching, singing, humming, babbling.

So when we talk about communicating through sacred geometry, through the importance of alignment, we are talking about how great and vast the world is! It is more than just attempting to balance, healing the missteps of the day and the tumblings of the night. We want to break you out and allow you to create! To dance! To reach!

There are many paths to the source of gnosis. Teachers have outlined these paths through mantra, yoga, geometry. They have upheld certain ratios and shapes and asanas because of the value of these shapes’ expression. When you focus on these shapes, they are what you consume, and they resonate within your posture, your re-cognition. They create the favorable conditions for a new idea’s emergence. They condense vast breadths of knowledge and grant us the insight, the ladder-step, to move forward.

A client is then able interpret data, the gift of your practice, not just through the context of their insights and imbalances, but is also given the information required to clearly obtain your idea in its perfection, filtered through thousands of years of human history and billions of years of DNA’s evolution, iron and timeless at it’s core.

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